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All 7 new texts for 2016 and 2017 onwards are now taught! Only place in SG that can provide this service for students!

I believe in giving more than my best to my students and have now completed reading all the new texts! Yes all seven of them!  What is more I am giving  unprecedented discounts to those who will be calling me for the first time for Lit and Humanities tuition for O- and N-level exams. The offer lasts till end of April. Hurry as places are limited! For a sample of the areas covered, I have chosen Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. In my sessions on the book, the areas covered are as follows:

  1. key insights on George Bernard Shaw, the playwright, activists and self-anointed saviour of society
  2. a brief outline of his colourful and eventful life, focusing on his creed and the various causes he championed and supported.
  3. a close insightful study of issues raised in the play such as the social divide, class conflict, transformation, the status of women, gender issues, etc
  4. theme tracking
  5. insightful and profound comments and interpretations of the play, plot, characterisation, themes and issues
  6. language and wordplay in the text and many others ( some of which are my trade secrets)

Last but not least I role-model a lot to show them how to analyse questions, and answer them. I do impart certain secret skills to give them that edge in the exams and of course for most of my students,  I teach them sentence skills and essay organisation as well because in the final analysis, Lit students need to write very well.

Seven titles added to O-level Literature in English

  • Joy Luck Club
  • Midwich Cuckoos
  • Road to Memphis
  • Julius Casear
  • Pygmalion
  • The Winslow Boy
  • Here and Beyond: 12 Stories

Really if one is in it strictly for the money, one would have given up by now. The texts are changed with alarming frequency. Every change of texts means new work for teachers and at least ten times more work for Lit tutors. This is because an ardent Lit tutor has to tutor all the titles! It is no wonder tutoring Lit is a place where angels fear to tread! Hahaha.

Some of them do not have convenient guides – no Sparknotes or Cliff Notes, the more reliable sources. Everything is done by the tutor from scratch. Even when there are guides, they are at best rudimentary and lack the depth of analysis that is required in the students’ answers.


Literature and Humanities tuition – expanding the titles and scope

lithistorygeogpicIn the last two years as well as 2016, twenty new titles will be added to the list of texts I am teaching for Literature. They include “A Christmas Carol”, “Emily of Emerald Hill”, “Wonder”, “Hamlet”, “I’m the King of the Castle”, “Boom”, ” The Tempest”, “24 Favourite One Act Plays”, “A Man for All Seasons”,  ”An Enemy of the People”, etc.

Many students are getting help in Geography, History and Social Studies from me. Even for IP Geography and History, schools are refreshing the syllabuses regularly.

Call 98761777 for more information.


Reading fees and subject registration fees

Sometimes reading fees are charged for new texts and a small subject registration fees are charged per subject every semester. Title fees per text is also charged in lieu of new texts if the texts has been previously taught by me. All these fees are non-refundable regardless of whether the sessions are terminated by the tutor or the parent.

Unbelievable offer for unseen prose and poetry for JC and IB students 98761777

Call us now to find out about the two-sessions  during the first week of December on the unseen section of the Lit paper now. At the 2 hour session we go through the following:

  • advanced poetic devices
  • introduction to popular literary and cultural theories
  • mapping literary and cultural theories onto poems and prose
  • organising and crafting well-organised essays with insights.
  • acquiring a literary vocabulary


The only venue for ‘A’ level literature book studies is getting even better – free consultations and value packages

The only venue for ‘A’ level literature book studies is getting even better – free consultations and value packages

Not only do we do book studies, we help you with your acquisition of a literary vocabulary, and writing in-depth essays.  and we look into answering and writing techniques.  Skills that will give you the marks you want. We believe in the power of individual attention, the efficacy of proper guidance and centrality of role-modelling by the tutor.

Our list of texts covered are almost exhaustive. Yet we are working to extend the list. We now add three more texts – “Silas Marner”, “The Scarlet Letter” and “Mansfield Park”.  Call us now at 98761777.

The new offer applies to  new first-time callers as from 17 May 2013, so call us now to find out about this unbeatable offer.

Our A-level Literature sessions have become bigger, better and more extensive. 

All JC packages come with complementary email/phone consultations

All JC packages come with complementary email/phone consultations

My JC Lit students can call me for consultation on the phone or via email in between sessions. There is no charge at all. JC Lit is demanding and sometimes a 2-hour session a week is not sufficient. Hence we give one free email/phone consultation every week.  This is an unbeatable offer and has helped our students tremendously. Call us now at 98761777 to find out more.

Customised tuition for IP students in Lang Arts and Humanities

Customised help for IP studentsThe IP syllabus varies from school to school, which is why there is a need for customised tuition. For IP students, one size does not fit all. Help is available for students from RI, Hwa Chong, Nanyang, SCGS, ACSI, TJC, etc. Call us now for a no-obligations chat to see how we can help your child flourish in the IP.

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