O-level History Tuition

Literature and Humanities tuition – expanding the titles and scope

lithistorygeogpicIn the last two years as well as 2016, twenty new titles will be added to the list of texts I am teaching for Literature. They include “A Christmas Carol”, “Emily of Emerald Hill”, “Wonder”, “Hamlet”, “I’m the King of the Castle”, “Boom”, ” The Tempest”, “24 Favourite One Act Plays”, “A Man for All Seasons”,  ”An Enemy of the People”, etc.

Many students are getting help in Geography, History and Social Studies from me. Even for IP Geography and History, schools are refreshing the syllabuses regularly.

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Special Offer for ‘O’ level Humanities Tuition – Social Studies, History, Geography and Literature in the West

Special Offer for ‘O’ level Humanities Tuition – Social Studies, History, Geography and Literature in the West

Free 45 minutes’ tuition for every 5 sessions. Sign up now. The new syllabi for these subjects are heavy and demanding. So sign up for help early.

Help is also available for lower sec Geography and History.  Call me now.


Importance of consistency and continuity in tuition sessions

Having the same teacher/tutor is important. Regular changes of teachers and tutors are disconcerting because of the disruptive effects on the sessions and hence on the students. It takes time to build up rapport and for the tutor or teacher to earn the trust and confidence of the students, so having a succession of different tutors is a no-no for students. It also takes time for the teacher to help the students and to see results of that help.


Pure History tuition in the new History syllabus: British Intervention in Malaya





Comprehensive tuition in British intervention in Malaya with numerous original sources (close to 100 taken from different types of sources – translated primary sources, secondary sources showing perceptions and interpretations from different parties such as individuals, authors, etc.

Students get to see different viewpoints of British intervention and rule in Malaya. They will learn to work with views not only of British and westerners, but also of the local people and the rulers and chiefs. 

History tuition: the new History Syllabus


IMG_1238[1]The new History syllabus traces the evolution of the contemporary world order (1870s – 1991). To understand the world today, we need to know the past. The revised syllabus combines concepts, content and thinking skills.

Unit 1 it is European Dominance and Expansion in the late 19th century

Study of Malaya (compulsory) plus either Indonesia and Vietname

Unit 2: The World in Crisis

Unit 3: Bi-polarity and the Cold War

Unit 4: Decolonisation and Emergence of Nation States

Study of Malaya (SBQ) and either   case study of Vietnam or Indonesia