Mdm Yu  as an O-level Literature tutor is constantly on her toes as Literature texts are changed regularly. A Literature tutor teaches Lit more out of passion and a commitment to helping students rather than for pecuniary gains. To be an effective Literature tutor, there  is always the need to plan ahead and prepare in advance so that O-level Literature tuition will be effective.

MOE is phasing out seven texts at the end of this year. In other words, 2019 is the last year that these seven texts will be tested for the O-levels  although it is common for them to be recycled and be selected as O-level texts in the future.

The five new texts that will be tested from 2020 onwards are Macbeth, View from A Bridge, The Glass Menagerie, Hook & Eye: Stories from the Margin and Fahrenheit 451.  They will be taught in the O-level Literature tuition.

O-level Literature tuition that does not do book studies but just on the unseen sections are not effective because they omit a big part of the syllabus. Book studies require the tutor to possess thorough knowledge of the texts and that extends beyond using materials from Wikipedia. The tutor has to read the text closely and patiently so as to have a full grasp of the narrative, plot, characterisation, themes, literary devices and in depth understanding of scenes.