Does Your Child Need Help with Geography?

The Upper Sec Geog syllabus covers physical geography. Areas covered consists of:

Content knowledge about our dynamic planet – with Physical Geography covering:
Tectonic Hazards
Climate & Weather

Human Geography covers:
Health & Diseases*
* additional topics covered in the Pure Geog syllabus.

The third theme covers geographical skills and investigations:
Data Presentation & Analysis
Geographical Investigations

These are exciting areas that imparts valuable skills and knowledge that will empower us to acquire perception and play an active role in our surrounding habitats and beyond.”

Our Geography Tuition is Comprehensive and Extensive

Content knowledge & case Studies

Questions answering skills and Techniques

Application of knowledge & skills to questions

Scaffolding and practices

We are able to combine Geography tuition with any of the following one or two  subjects: Social Studies, English Language, Literature & History


At LitHumanities Tuition, we believe in regularly updating and augmenting our teaching resources and fine-tuning our pedagogy to help our students do well in Humanities

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