Geography tuition: the new Geography syllabus tested in 2014

The new Geography and Social Studies Syllabus are covered

The new Geography and Social Studies Syllabus are covered


All the three themes – “Our Dynamic Planet”, “Our Changing World” and Geographical Skills and Investigations are covered. Real-time examples are provided as much as possible. In a nutshell, the topics covered in the sessions are:

Physical Geography – Our Dynamic Planet

Plate Tectonics
Weather and Climate Change

Human Geography -Our Changing World
Global Tourism

Food Resources
Health and Diseases

Geographical Skills and Investigations
Topographical Map Reading Skills

Geographical Data and Techniques
Geographical Investigations

In conclusion, the world does not contain infinite resources and as long as mankind continue to behave irresponsibly, the doomsday preppers are going to be proven right. Geography teaches us to be aware and perceptive of our fragile planet and linkages between the human and physical environment, and armed with these knowledge and insights, all of us should be imbued with a sense of responsibility for protecting our environment and planet.