Effective Geography Tuition for O-level & N-level Students

The O-level Geography tuition  and N-level Geography tuition cover the entire upper sec Geog syllabus for both pure & elective students. The Geography tuition sessions cover physical and human geography. Areas covered by the Geography tutor comprises:

Tectonic Hazards
Climate & Weather

Human Geography covers:
Health & Diseases*
* additional topics covered in the Pure Geog syllabus.

The third theme covers geographical skills and investigations:
Data Presentation & Analysis
Geographical Investigations

The Geography tuition sessions cover all these exciting areas, imparting valuable skills and knowledge that will empower us to acquire in-depth perception and play an active role in our surrounding habitats and beyond.

Our Geography Tuition is Comprehensive and Extensive

Content knowledge & case Studies

Questions answering skills and Techniques

Application of knowledge & skills to questions

Scaffolding and practices

We are able to combine Geography tuition with any of the following one or two  subjects: Social Studies, English Language, Literature & History


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