O-level & N-level Elective & Pure History Tuition that empower students to excel in History

History comes alive in our sessions and more than 60 percent of our elective & Pure History students have always scored at least A2 in the O-level exams. Last year it was 100 percent distinctions! So sign up with Mdm Yu’s an awesome History tutor  & see for yourself the difference it makes.

Sign up for our regular History tuition sessions or our Holiday Humanities Revision (HHR) in June now. Information for the HHR is available in our pop-up. Call 9876 1777 for info. 

History Tuition session comprises:

  • Mastery of Content & Skills
  • Ample scaffolding for answering SBQs and SEQs.
  • Links for essay questions

Group size is kept small to ensure there is personal attention for every student.