Ongoing Testimonials From Language and Humanities Students

Below are some of the testimonials – most of them are having Humanities & Language tuition even during the November/December vacation

Mother of SOTA year 1 IP going onto Year 2 in 2020 (ELCT & Literature)
“He has improved a lot. The scores went up for all the sections. His essays are coherent and there is a visible line of thought.”

“Father of sec 3 student going onto sec 4 in 2020 (Pure Literature & Social Studies)
She found your session very useful and she is able to understand you.”

TY, ACSI IP year 3 student going onto year 4 in 2020 (Lang Arts)
“I have learnt a lot from Madam Yu. The pace is fast but I can handle it.”

Mother of Sec 1 student going onto sec 2 in 2020 (English, History, Geography & Social Studies)
“He finds your sessions good. That is why he is willing to continue during the holidays.”