Experienced Trained Literature and Humanities Teacher

Book Studies Sessions for IB & A-levels

“You are the best Literature tutor I ever had.” – IB student from ACSI.

Special weekday sessions for following texts:

Great Gatsby Woman Warrior
Othello All My Sons
Twelfth Night The View from a Bridge
Duchess of Malfi Scarlet Letter
*Age of Innocence Macbeth
Remains of the Day A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Waterland A Street Car Named Desire
Mansfield Park Mrs Warren’s Profession
Jane Austen Lady Windermere’s Hat
*The Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist  Running in the Family

* Conditions apply

The sessions are held only on Tuesdays and Fridays. Guaranteed to be enjoyable, and useful.

Unbelievable offer for unseen prose and poetry for JC and IB students 98761777

Call us now to find out about the two-sessions  during the first week of December on the unseen section of the Lit paper now. At the 2 hour session we go through the following:

  • advanced poetic devices
  • introduction to popular literary and cultural theories
  • mapping literary and cultural theories onto poems and prose
  • organising and crafting well-organised essays with insights.
  • acquiring a literary vocabulary


The only venue for ‘A’ level literature book studies is getting even better – free consultations and value packages

The only venue for ‘A’ level literature book studies is getting even better – free consultations and value packages

Not only do we do book studies, we help you with your acquisition of a literary vocabulary, and writing in-depth essays.  and we look into answering and writing techniques.  Skills that will give you the marks you want. We believe in the power of individual attention, the efficacy of proper guidance and centrality of role-modelling by the tutor.

Our list of texts covered are almost exhaustive. Yet we are working to extend the list. We now add three more texts – “Silas Marner”, “The Scarlet Letter” and “Mansfield Park”.  Call us now at 98761777.

The new offer applies to  new first-time callers as from 17 May 2013, so call us now to find out about this unbeatable offer.

Our A-level Literature sessions have become bigger, better and more extensive. 

All JC packages come with complementary email/phone consultations

All JC packages come with complementary email/phone consultations

My JC Lit students can call me for consultation on the phone or via email in between sessions. There is no charge at all. JC Lit is demanding and sometimes a 2-hour session a week is not sufficient. Hence we give one free email/phone consultation every week.  This is an unbeatable offer and has helped our students tremendously. Call us now at 98761777 to find out more.

Customised tuition for IP students in Lang Arts and Humanities

Customised help for IP studentsThe IP syllabus varies from school to school, which is why there is a need for customised tuition. For IP students, one size does not fit all. Help is available for students from RI, Hwa Chong, Nanyang, SCGS, ACSI, TJC, etc. Call us now for a no-obligations chat to see how we can help your child flourish in the IP.

Importance of consistency and continuity in tuition sessions

Having the same teacher/tutor is important. Regular changes of teachers and tutors are disconcerting because of the disruptive effects on the sessions and hence on the students. It takes time to build up rapport and for the tutor or teacher to earn the trust and confidence of the students, so having a succession of different tutors is a no-no for students. It also takes time for the teacher to help the students and to see results of that help.


Pure History tuition in the new History syllabus: British Intervention in Malaya





Comprehensive tuition in British intervention in Malaya with numerous original sources (close to 100 taken from different types of sources – translated primary sources, secondary sources showing perceptions and interpretations from different parties such as individuals, authors, etc.

Students get to see different viewpoints of British intervention and rule in Malaya. They will learn to work with views not only of British and westerners, but also of the local people and the rulers and chiefs. 

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