Seven titles added to O-level Literature in English

  • Joy Luck Club
  • Midwich Cuckoos
  • Road to Memphis
  • Julius Casear
  • Pygmalion
  • The Winslow Boy
  • Here and Beyond: 12 Stories

Really if one is in it strictly for the money, one would have given up by now. The texts are changed with alarming frequency. Every change of texts means new work for teachers and at least ten times more work for Lit tutors. This is because an ardent Lit tutor has to tutor all the titles! It is no wonder tutoring Lit is a place where angels fear to tread! Hahaha.

Some of them do not have convenient guides – no Sparknotes or Cliff Notes, the more reliable sources. Everything is done by the tutor from scratch. Even when there are guides, they are at best rudimentary and lack the depth of analysis that is required in the students’ answers.