Incredible Offer for ACSI IP students from year 2 to 4.

Unbelievably low fees – only $40* for both the English and Literature papers. What is even more earth-shaking is that there are no registration fees or advance payment to be made. In addition, there is also no constant change of tutors. Help will be provided for all coursework, IOC/P* and projects.

Maximum class size is only 5, not 10. Guaranteed to be fun, enriching and most important of all – I will do my best to improve  your grades. I have helped most of my students score a 7. For the rest, they have moved up at least 2 grades – from 4 to 6.

The sessions will consist of:

  1. close and insightful reading of texts
  2. using appropriate theories such as structuralist, new criticism, cultural materialism, psychoanalytical, marxist and post-colonial approaches to read the texts.
  3. acquistion of an impressive literary vocabulary
  4. mastery of answering techniques

A trial sessions of one hour at half the cost, i.e. $20 is available. Call 98761777!

 *conditions apply. Call to find out now.