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“Thank you mummy for selecting such a good tutor for me!” Feedback from a mother of student
receiving tuition for Elective Literature. Student is from St Margaret’s Secondary.
“His eyes lit up after the session.He said he finally understood what is expected of him for Humanities.”
Feedback from Mother of Sec 1 student from Catholic High.
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About the LitHumanities Tutor
A committed diligent professional who has helped countless students from different streams and levels in more than one and a half decade of tutoring, Mdm Yu is a former NIE-trained teacher and tutor specialising in Humanities, and English Language. In other words, she is a qualified English Language tutor, Literature tutor, Geography, History and Social Studies tutor.

Her Humanities tuition has benefited hundreds of students all over the island. Moreover she also receives numerous referrals for her English Language tuition from past students and parents every year.

A nurturing and patient tutor, she is able to relate to students in the lower secondary, upper secondary, JC, IP and IB levels. She believes in giving more than her best to help students and takes great pride in their academic improvements and achievements.

A Committed Literature Specialist
, Mdm Yu has taught close to 400 titles as at the end of March 2019. Hence she is extremely experienced in tutoring Literature to students with different levels of abilities.
Second, her love and passion for Literature is evident in the effort she puts to close reading of the texts and researching into the contexts.
Third, she is well-versed in narrative techniques and literary devices – both for prose, poetry and drama, making her the ideal tutor to help her students enjoy Literature and do well in the subject.
Fourth, Mdm Yu is extremely patient and nurturing during the sessions which makes her an ideal Literature tutor.

B An Experienced History, Geography and Social Studies Tutor
 she invests in keeping up to date with the syllabuses of the three subjects – History (Elect & Pure), Geography (Elect & Pure) and Social Studies. Consequently she demonstrates her passion and commitment to helping her students.
Second, as a Humanities tutor, she takes great pain in ensuring that her students understand concepts, principles and imparting important answering techniques for the different types of question.
Third, she also provides useful tips on memorising and judicial application of  content to reach the highest band in LORMs.

C Experienced English Language Tutor
First, Mdm Yu has conducted expository writing and journalism workshops in schools besides tutoring students in the English Language for close to four years. Consequently she has extensive experience in tutoring students in English Language. Second, her focus on grammar, sentence skills, organisation, vocabulary and word usage has helped countless students do well in tests and examinations.
Third, she makes it a point to give comprehensive focused practices to her students to achieve mastery of answering techniques in her English tuition sessions.

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Click here to find out more about Mdm Yu’s Literature tuition for O and A level Literature tuition.

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Tuition Testimonials

2023 Geylang Methodist Secondary Sec 4 student (Elective Literature)

“I have learnt a lot from Mdm Yu’s lessons. She has been teaching me things that my teacher in school has not rouched on. She has really made a difference and I have improved soon after the lessons started.

2023 Father of two  students – one sec 1 and the other sec 2 (Literature and English)

“The sessions will continue.  They have benefitted from the tuition.”

2022 Geylang Methodis Secondary School Sec 4 student (Pure Literature)

“Mdm Yu’s pace is just right and I believed it was due to her sessions that i scored an A1 for O-level Literature. I have never ever thought it was possible to score an A1 for Literature.”t

2018 ACSI Sec 2 student:

“I enjoy and look forward to Mdm Yu’s class as she is able to enlighten me whenever I have any uncertainties and doubts on the humanities she has taught me. I scored As for all her subjects including English Lang.”

2018 Graduating Maris Stella Sec 4 student:
Hey Mdm Yu. managed to get A1 for Pure History. Thanks for some of your tips during the few lessons.

2018 Graduating Crescent Girls Sec 4 Literature Student:
“I scored A2 for my Combined Humanities. I want to thank you for tutoring & guiding me.”

Tuition Subjects That We Specialise In

Effective English Language Tuition

Comprehensive English tuition that covers all the papers: oral, listening, compre & summary, visual text, editing, essay & situational writing. 

Comprehensive Humanities Tuition - Geog, His & SS

Pure & Elective Geography, & History & Social Studies – Content and Skills are covered. Lots of scaffolding and focused practices. Click to read more.


Complete O-level Literature Tuition - All Texts Covered

Pure & Elective Literature tuition that covers the unseen section, prose and drama. Literary devices are taught and all aspects of the set texts are taught with focus on answering questions.

A-Level Literature Tuition – Up to 90% of Texts are covered

A-level Literature tuition that covers up to 90 percent of the texts in the SEAB syllabus. Contexts, texts, form, structure, advanced literary devices and answering techniques are covered in the sessions. Scaffolding and guided practices are given regularly to build up mastery of content and skills to answer all the questions.

Lower Sec Literature Tuition – Most Texts & Unseen Covered

Lower Sec Literature tuition lays the foundation for understanding literary devices such as figurative language, dramatic devices, sensory language, etc. Lit tuition at lower sec is already challenging because of the extensive list of different texts that each school can select for students.

Comprehensive Lower Sec Humanities Tuition 

Basic essential concepts and skills are diligently imparted to students. Students learn to answer different types of questions and scaffolding are continually provided to build up mastery of  skills and content in History and Geography. In addition, they learn to work with sources and present their findings. 

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