Are You Ready for the Coming
A level Literature Paper?

Preparing for your A-level Literature Paper 1 and Paper 2/3 has never been more urgent. As the countdown begins, the clock is ticking away and the later you commence, the more detrimental and risky it would be for you,
the A-level Literature student. So before it becomes too late, sign up for A-level Literature tuition/consultation now. (T&C applies)

A Level Literature in English 

Paper 8832/9509 (Paper 1)

A Level Literature in English 

Paper 9509 (Paper 2/3)

I have close to 10 years of experience helping A-Level Literature students and more than 15 years tutoring students in Literature and Humanities to secondary, IP and IB students. Call me now to find out how I can help you.


“Mdm Yu, I’m so glad to have found you. My daughter is improving and she is now making effort in her Lit.” Mother of JC2 Eunoia JC2 student

“She is comfortable with you and she is learning a lot from you. She says you are very knowledgeable.  Her grades have improved greatly.” Mother of NJC JC 2 student

Help in the Following Areas by
A Level Literature Tutor

Analysing What the Question Wants

Planning the Answer

Writing Techniques

Key Passage Analysis

Tackling Unseen Prose & Poetry

Tackling Unseen Drama

Mastering the Unseen Comparison Questions

Mastering the Unseen Comparison Questions on Set Texts

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