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Over teaching for H2 Literature for JC Students

Over teaching is one of the method I use in my tuition lessons for all my subjects whether it is Literature, History, Geography and Social Studies. Over teaching in Humanities tuition lessons  does not mean that overwhelming students with facts and more facts, or for that matter with more notes on skills and techniques. Indeed this method has helped my students enjoy the sessions and do well.

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Covering 100 percent of texts for O-level, IP Lang Arts & IB Lit Texts for Selected Schools

2020 is be a year with a major breakthrough for I am delighted to announce that all O level Literature texts are covered; all A level texts are covered. In addition all Lang Lit texts done for the following schools for all the levels will be covered:


So call me to book sessions for 2020 now.




Common Themes in Lower & Upper Sec Literature

Texts are often changed, either replaced by new ones or by previously used titles. No matter what the changes are, there are certain common themes that occur in the texts. The common themes are: resilience, prejudice and discrimination, racism, relationships, conflict, love and courtship, friendship, family and community, and identity.  The less common themes are expectations and loss, fear,  and idealism versus realism.

Themes are avenues for the imparting of values and desirable character traits.  Themes help draw focus to the contradictions, the different layers in human relationships, encourage us to think deeply and explore key issues, evoking new insights. Sometimes themes draw our attention to what is troubling about our humanity and the challenges that confront societies. Themes mirror our hopes and fears, our joy and pain, our triumphs and defeats.

Sometimes certain themes are adapted, modified according to the emotional and cognitive abilities of children. In some schools, certain issues are sidestepped because the educators are convinced that certain political, social contexts are not appropriate for students. This is because a text can be studied at different levels. At higher level, a text like Twelfth Night take on a different dimension from the lower levels.

An experienced Literature tutor must be able to pitch at the level that the school is adopting so as to guide the student effectively. It is therefore pertinent that the tutor knows  the focus of the student’s school regarding the texts.