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“Thank you mummy for selecting such a good tutor for me!” Feedback from a mother of student
receiving tuition for Elective Literature. Student is from St Margaret’s Secondary.
“His eyes lit up after the session.He said he finally understood what is expected of him for Humanities.”
Feedback from Mother of Sec 1 student from Catholic High.
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Mrs Moen is a tutor with  more than 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience in English Language, Literature & Humanities. Trained by NIE and armed with a Masters in Literary Studies from NUS, Mrs Moen is committed to helping students do their best in English Language, Literature in English, Language Arts, and Humanities for both Secondary, IP, IGCSE, IB and A-level students. Click here to read more.

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Regular Eglish& Humanities Tuition Sessions
Consultations for Projects
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Holiday Workshops
Intensive June Programme
Nov/Dec Early Prep Sessions

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    The ONLY PLACE where close to 90 percent of A-level and 100 percent of O-level Literature texts are taught!

    I have taught close to 400 titles in the last one and a half decade.  Some of the 18 Shakespearean plays I have taught and are teaching now include Othello, Antony & Cleopatra, Macbeth, King Richard III, Romeo & Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Merchant of Venice, Taming of the Shrew, Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Tempest, Hamlet, King Lear and Measure For Measure. For Arthur Miller, I have covered Death of a Salesman, A View from the Bridge, Crucible, All My Sons and doing Playing for Time now. For Tennessee Williams, I have taught A Streetcar Named Desire and The Paper Menagerie. For George Bernard Shaw, the works include Pygmalion, Mrs Warren’s Profession and Saint Joan.

    Given the span of time in the tuition profession, you can imagine the number of O-level texts I have ploughed through with my students. O-level texts are refreshed regularly as it is the case with the Literature syllabus in the mainstream schools. Hence the titles of texts I have taught are  way too long for me to identify Lower secondary students study a lot of short stories and novellas. I have covered short stories by Roald Dahl, Catherine Lim, and those in A Dip in the Poole and Global Tales.

    I have also taught IGCSE, IP and IB literature texts  including Gathering Blue, Chinese Cinderella, Sing to the Dawn, and The Clay Marble. I have also taught IGCSE, IP and IB literature texts –The Kiterunner, King of the Castle. Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories, Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Other Short Stories, Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and  The Blind Assassin. They add up and it is no wonder that the no of titles covered have reached  about 400!

    Some ongoing feedback from students

    Mother of Sec 2 Ang Mo Kio Sec (CA1) Student has been with me since Sec 1.

    CA1 E History Sec 4 student. Student has been with me since Sec 1. I tutored him in History, Geography and Social Studies since Sec 1

    CA 1 SS Sec 4 student. Same student who is being tutored by me for History
    2018 feedback from MGS IP Year 4 student who has been with me since Sec 2. She was admitted into IP after Sec 2.

    “He has improved over the years. I am really happy he did well for his IB exams. Thank you for helping him with LangLit(HL).”
    Mother of SOTA student who graduated in 2018. 

    “She has learnt a lot from you. She said you are a nice teacher too.”
    Mother of Sec 4 MGS student who scored A2 for Combined Humanities in 2015 O-Level exams.


    "I believe in giving more than my best to my students. I take personal pride when they do well for my subjects. "

    Call 98761777 now for a no-obligations chat to find out more about my sessions.

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