Geography Tutor on the First Step to Doing Well in Elective Geography

Are you looking for better grades for O level and N level Geography? Or are you looking how to improve your child’s grades at the O and N level Geography exams?

So to do that, you have to first understand the Geography exam format and score system so that you be able to plan on how you can study and prepare better for the exam.  Below is an explanation of the format of the exam paper which will help students and parents have a clearer picture of the type of questions and marks allocated.

Topics Covered:

Physical Geography
Weather and Climate
Tectonic Plates
Human Geography

Exam Format:
Duration: 1 hr 40 mins
Total Score: 50 percent/50 marks

Section A: 13 marks

Topics Focus:
Geographical Investigation (Weather & Climate/Tourism)

  • 2 sets of short structured questions – with first set on Weather & Climate and the second set on Tourism
  • Note that the last question for each set is 5 marks and the rest are between 1 to 3 marks.

Section B: 12 marks

Topics Focus:
Weather & Climate

  • Please note the questions are mixed. For example question 3 could consists of Weather & Climate for 3a and Tourism for 3b. But for question 4, it is either Weather & Climate or Tourism.
  • The distribution of marks is always 4 for question a and 8 for question b for both  questions 3 and 4.

Section C: 25 marks

Topics Focus:
Plate Tectonics

  • The first question is usually on one topic – either Food or Plate Tectonics.
    The other question is a mixed question on both topics. But bear in mind that the last question for both sections which is 8 marks each will not be on the same topic, so if 5d is on food, then 6d would be on plate tectonics.
  • Section B: 12 marks
    For Section B, there will be 2 questions. You only choose ONE. One question will be purely on either weather & climate or purely on tourism. The other question will be a Mix of Both.

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