Tuition Testimonials from Parents and Students

Below are some of the tuition testimonials – most of them are having Humanities & Language tuition even during the November/December vacation. If you need any tuition service, please feel free to contact the tutor at 98761777 or click here to WhatsApp her.

Alicia, Sec 3 in 2023 (Pure Literature)
“I thought I understood the poem but you gave me a deeper and more rounded understanding.”

Timothy, Sec 5 in 2023 (Literature, English and Social Studies) – he has improved tremendously since joining the lesson three months ago. In the last exam he scored 2 distinctions and 1 B3.
“I think the tuition has helped me better understand certain concepts in literature such as indentifying devices in poetry. As for English you went through the fundamental skills to answering comprehensive questions which I found very helpful and gave useful feedback to me.”

Mother of SOTA year 1 IP going onto Year 2 in 2020 (ELCT & Literature)
“He has improved a lot. The scores went up for all the sections. His essays are coherent and there is a visible line of thought.”

“Father of sec 3 student going onto sec 4 in 2020 (Pure Literature & Social Studies)
She found your session very useful and she is able to understand you.”

TY, ACSI IP year 3 student going onto year 4 in 2020 (Lang Arts)
“I have learnt a lot from Madam Yu. The pace is fast but I can handle it.”

Mother of Sec 1 student going onto sec 2 in 2020 (English, History, Geography & Social Studies)
“He finds your sessions good. That is why he is willing to continue during the holidays.”