Mdm Yu’s History and Geography tuition otherwise known as Combined Humanities Tuition sessions are well-known for their effectiveness.  They are all-in-one sessions designed to save time, maximise learning and cost for parents and students. Her untiring and  extensive reading and research into topics in the syllabus and well-prepared teaching materials will ensure that there is […]

When it comes to excelling in Junior College (JC) literature studies, the right JC literature tutor can make a world of difference. Navigating the options may seem challenging, but understanding the essential factors to consider can streamline your decision-making process. 1. Expert JC Literature Tutors for Enhanced Learning The cornerstone of effective tuition lies in […]

More than 80 percent of my students scored A2 and above with a few scoring B3, usually from a C5 or C6 from the mid-year or their prelims. Some of the happy feedback I received just yesterday: Mother of Sec 4 student (2019) from  CCHM “Hi Teacher, a big thanks for your help and tremendous […]

2020 is be a year with a major breakthrough for I am delighted to announce that all O level Literature texts are covered; all A level texts are covered. In addition all Lang Lit texts done for the following schools for all the levels will be covered: MGS SCGS SJI TA VS CHIJ ST Nic […]

I have added to the list of Literature texts for A level H1 & H2 Literature that I tutor – all the Renaissance poetry. Most delightful of the Renaissance poets is none other than the writer of “To His Coy Mistress” – Andrew Marvell. This is his most successful and most famous poem. I have […]

O  & N level ELective History is extremely popular in school as students realise that there are common areas between History and Social Studies and  namely in the source-based questions. Below the Elective History tutor gives an explanation of the format of the exam paper which will help students and parents have a clearer picture […]