Are you looking for better grades for O level and N level Geography? Or are you looking how to improve your child’s grades at the O and N level Geography exams? So to do that, you have to first understand the Geography exam format and score system so that you be able to plan on […]

In my Geography tuition, we discuss environmental and sustainability issues. Current concerns are brought up regularly to  the best of my ability and discussed in my Geography tuition sessions. Two and a half months ago, many of us read with horror about the gigantic blaze that has destroyed more than 9,600 sq km of the […]

Feminist literary theory is one popular lens to explore and interpret literary works. Literary theories are useful tools to help A level Literature students understand and interpret texts and produce insightful essays.  As a Literature tutor, I recommend that A level H1 and H2 Literature students familiarise themselves with the writings of leading feminist authors […]

History is full of man’s stupidity and mistakes, full of sufferings and grief although not entirely for History has its uplifting moments, episodes of courage, of heroic actions. History enlightens and demoralises. It is a two-edge sword like so many other two-edg swords. But I am not here to add to the lists of quotations […]

Texts are often changed, either replaced by new ones or by previously used titles. No matter what the changes are, there are certain common themes that occur in the texts. The common themes are: resilience, prejudice and discrimination, racism, relationships, conflict, love and courtship, friendship, family and community, and identity.  The less common themes are […]

The only place where all the O-level Literature texts are taught. O-level Literature focuses on Reader Response and New Criticism. The sessions cover both texts, devices and answering techniques. This is the only  place where all the O-level texts are covered. Mdm Yu’s extensive experience in Literature tuition benefits students in helping them score in […]