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Happy when My Students Do well at the O levels

More than 80 percent of my students scored A2 and above with a few scoring B3, usually from a C5 or C6 from the mid-year or their prelims.

Some of the happy feedback I received just yesterday:

Mother of Sec 4 student (2019) from  CCHM
“Hi Teacher, a big thanks for your help and tremendous effort and worry for the boy.”

(The boy Jia Qing scored an A1 for Combined Humanities and A1 for Pure History)

Meera for St Margaret’s Secondary (sec 4 in 2019)
“Hi I got A1 for my English and Combined Humanities. Thank you. :)”

Jaryl from ACS Barker (sec 4 in 2019)
“I scored A2 for my Combined Humanities”

Mother of Kay Sim from Zheng Hua Sec (sec 4 in 2019)
“Dear Mdm Yu, thank you very much for your help with Kay Sim’s Combined Humanities. He has attained B3 for Combined Humanities.” (He managed only a C5 for his Prelims)